SILK PLASTER is an easy way to create an interior design

SILK PLASTER is an easy way to create an interior design

Easy in application, breathable, and eco-friendly wall finishing — sounds like a dream, but it really exists!

Application of SILK PLASTER decorative plasters (liquid wallpaper) is a unique and affordable way to create the desired atmosphere in the room.

SILK PLASTER is an innovative wall covering material that can easily and evenly cover walls without seams. It does not react to temperature or humidity level changes in the room, preserves its shape over time, and its colors don’t fade in the sun.

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Innovative technology of SILK PLASTER can minimize imperfections of your walls and improve sound and thermal insulation. Moreover, the composition of the material has no strong smell, the material does not accumulate dust and it is really easy to apply.

You can easily apply decorative plasters yourself and you don’t need to vacate the room or building for renovation.

If it’s necessary to change a part of your interior design or to fixa damaged segment or segments, decorative plasters, unlike painted walls or regular wallpaper, can be easily repaired. Repaired segments will perfectly blend in with unrepaired parts of the wall finishing.


Decorative plasters can easily cover curved or uneven shapes and surfaces: arches, columns, masonry, wood, and metal. The finishing material is ideal for newly constructed buildings, as it is elastic, does not crack or tear even when newly built buildings shrink.

Only natural materials

Silk decorative plasters are exceptionally environmentally friendly. The material consists only of natural materials: silk, cotton, as well as quartz binder and cellulose glue.

Due to the eco-friendly composition and the unique technology, this eco wall finishing material keeps your walls dry and breathable, so there will be no mold on the walls, and less pathogenic bacteria.

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One more important feature of decorative plasters isthat the material is antistatic.

Decorative plasters do not accumulate dust, and this feature is especially important for children and people with allergies. This unique finishing material also regulates humidity level in theroom. When the level is too high, liquid wallpaper absorbs humid, and if the air in the room dries out, it releases moisture.

Extensive color palette and vast creative options

Another advantage of decorative plasters is an extensive choice of colors.

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SILK PLASTER offers a selection of 21 collections, more than 300 colors, textures, and solutions for your interior designs. The world's largest palette of colors and textures is being constantly updated. Another distinctive feature of liquid wallpaper is that the material can be used to create pictures and ornaments. You can decorate walls with any picture, ornament or pattern that can be easily created by using different colors to achieve unique designs.



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