Opening of the VICTORIA DU MONDE showroom in Riga

Opening of the VICTORIA DU MONDE showroom in Riga

On 5th September 2020 a unique VICTORIA DU MONDE showroom was opened in Riga.

The address of the showroom in Riga is: Kārļa Ulmaņagatve 114A. You can find a wide range of exclusive collections of VICTORIA DU MONDE decorative plasters there.


The event was perfectly organized: a beautifully decorated buffet, balloons and flowers decorations.
The opening of the store was not onlyan entertaining but alsoan informative event: it was held by a professional presenter, there were competitions with prizes from Victoria du Monde, and a product presentation, where each guest could appreciate aesthetic and quality characteristics of decorative plasters and learn how to apply the material.


Advantages of a mono-brand showroom Victoria du Monde: a variety of colors, tones and textures of the material, all the goods are available, large expositions where you can examinethe material at any angle, touch it and understand how it will look on walls.


 The store offers services of wall preparation and coating, the services are already included in the price of the finishing material. Upon customer’s request, a complete design project can be created in a chosen style using decorative Victoria du Monde decorative finishing materials.



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