Safety on first place

Safety on first place

Are you protecting yourself and others during this time? We are! We follow all the safety measures to keep ourselves and others around us safe!

During the current situation, we are carrying out the following measures:
We work from home, if possible;
We are keeping our distance between us, at least 2m away from each other;
We are not using public transportation;
We wear gloves at our workplace;
We only drink our own drink, from our own bottles;
At the end of each working day we use a cleaning wipe on all handles, surfaces, etc.;
We don’t walk around the office place, except to use WC;
We inform each other if feeling unwell or developing other symptoms, like fever or cough;
We expect you to inform us if you feel unwell or have been in close contact with an infected person or recently traveled to an area with widespread COVID-19;
We are keeping a very small, trusted social circle and are following all guidelines set by the government.

We are really doing our best, to keep everyone safe! So we hope you are doing the same!



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